Thank you so much for helping me with my car trouble! I will always call you because you're the only mechanic I trust.

Christian C.

Andrea V.

It's great to find someone who'll work at night for people who work daytime hours! Took me instantly and reasonable too!

Danielle A.

Midnight mechanics is awesome! All the staff is friendly, funny and helpful. I was skeptical as a girl of coming to a mechanic shop at night at first but it proved to be a very comfortable atmosphere.

I would recommend this to everyone especially those who can't afford to not have their car during the day. The fact that they can deliver to your driveway makes this even more appealing.

Thank you for making a clueless girl feel more confident about her car.

Esther K.

You can get your car serviced over night while you're sleeping. What's not to love?

Rashek K.

Highly recommended, great hours, great service, will work around your schedule without hesitation. Always available for questions. Honest.

nicholas S.

They are amazing had trouble with my car and they fixed it right away and I didn't have to wait for the car for weeks to get it fixed it was fixed in one night and dropped off at my house in time for me to drive to college!!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!!!!

Michael F.

Awesome shop and great prices! No doubt, I will be coming back in the future.

bill w.

Great mechanic. Great hours. Great price. Close to home.